About Us

KBM networks was established as an Information Technology company for Saudi Arabia in 2016. Over the years we have developed a team of highly skilled staff that delivers quality and effective solutions. We are also strategically partnered with well-established international companies, which further enable us to offer quality IT products and services

The main objectives of KBM networks is to provide professional services (including qualified human resources, consulting, and training), to localize, Arabize, integrate, install, operate, and maintain Network Operations Systems, as well as to setup, operate, and maintain Contact Centers, NMS, and other network associated facilities.


Our vision is to act as a catalyst in the development of Networking Solutions in the Middle East by providing high quality, leading edge software and hardware systems. We also strive to respond to our clients' needs throughout the kingdom.


Provide Opportunity for Growth, Inspire Excellence, Value People & Serve with Pride. We always aim to prove a high standard of quality and service to our clients, with total customer satisfaction being our company’s main objective.

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