Wireless Mesh Network Solutions:

Wireless mesh network solutions enable deployment of wireless mesh network infrastructure, wireless bridging and mobile networks. With wireless mesh technology, government, public safety and transportation organizations can build cost-effective outdoor wireless networks for private or public use. Wireless mesh technology enables organizations to deploy secure, high-bandwidth, scalable access to fixed and mobile applications across metropolitan areas, extending existing wired networked services and applications beyond current physical infrastructure.
Wireless mesh solutions let municipalities offer innovative new ways to accelerate communications and service delivery to both employees and citizens. Wireless mesh network solutions meet the specific needs of local governments, public safety and transportation agencies, and the oil and the gas industry by:
1.Facilitating flexible, mobile, and dynamic communication
2.Easing deployment and allowing deployment of network devices where running fiber is cost-prohibitive
3.Simplifying addition of networked devices
4.Integrating with existing network technology
5.Offering superior security across the entire network