For many of our solutions, hardware makes up a vital part of delivery which needs careful co-ordination and on-going support. We have been designing and implementing a wide variety of desktop, networking and storage architectures, gaining a wealth of experience along with vendor and industry accreditation. We stock and supply a range of client hardware from the world's leading manufacturers including JUNIPER, HP, Cisco and AVAYA together with a full range of accessories and peripherals.

Why KBM networks For Your IT Infrastructure Needs :

We understand that logistical excellence and professional service is the key to the efficient and practical supply of IT products and solutions. Megahertz has built an enviable reputation in a highly competitive industry. Our staff work closely with you to understand your business needs and recommend only the most appropriate solutions. We have

  • Certified and trained server experts
  • Specialized Shipping and packaging
  • Immediate Availability of Products
  • Tested, and Configured High Quality Products
  • Easy Access to support team.

  • Enterprise Hardware:
  • - Servers
  • - Options
  • Networking:
  • - Routers
  • - Switches
  • - Hubs
  • - Network Cards
  • - Cables, Connectors & Cord sets
  • Storage:
  • - Disks
  • - Arrays
  • - Tape and Automated backup
  • - Server-based Storage
  • - Storage Area Networks (SAN)
  • - Optical drives
  • - Storage Media
  • - DVD and CD Products